Reiki Levels I & II

Reiki Levels I & II


Reiki. The ancient Japanese art of energy healing. It grants you the ability to welcome spiritual freedom into your life.

This training, for the 1st & 2nd level of Reiki, is all about venturing onto a new path Of self discovery. Each level of reiki is honorable and brings much enlightenment about our true selves. In balance with the mysteries of the Universe, we begin to shed fears and negative thinking patterns. We can finally grasp the unity of how all things come together for good.

Reiki will imprint it's energetic pattern on your many endeavors as you form a relationship with it. If we allow it too, our lives will be transformed. One after another, new moments of truth and awakening will bring us closer to this piece of energy that comes from a divine source. It’s level of perfection allows us to resonate with it.

There is an inner healer in all of us. Reiki creates a way to awaken, realign and enhance the inner healer.

Highlights from our course....

⚛Teaches you to live in a state of Harmony

⚛Enhances your intuitive abilities

⚛Aligns you to your higher purpose

⚛Raises your energetic vibrational

⚛Heals deeply and holistically on a broad scope of ailments

⚛Grants you the ability to treat yourself and to treat others with Reiki

⚛Gives you the tools to send distant healing

⚛Sacred symbols initiated in level 2

⚛Learn Japanese meditations and energy techniques to connect you to our source of Reiki

It's a pot luck lunch so bring your favorite dish. You'll leave with a manual, all the materials and books from our class, and hands on experience of administering Reiki! Certificate is issued on completion of this course.

Welcome the many opportunities to enhance your life that Reiki brings! Join In on the transformative journey to bring the LIFTED lifestyle into our community! Message me for details on how to get a seat at our table!

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